high quality vape cartridges

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pure & potent co2 cannabis oil

We offer a variety of CO2 extracted pure (100% cannabis) oils, each crafted to deliver powerful, targeted relief through the natural balance of strain-specific cannabinoids and terpenes.

All Theraplant vape oils are heavily refined to achieve the clarity and viscosity necessary for an optimal vaping experience. Colors and effects will vary based on the strains (or unique blend of strains) chosen for any particular batch.

ccell technology

By using the best technology on the market, we strive to deliver a high quality, seamless vaping experience to the patients of Connecticut.

All CCELL Cartridges have a ceramic heating element that is designed to diffuse cannabis oil at the ideal temperature to deliver a smoother inhale and more flavorful taste.

Available in two discreet, cost effective options: CCELL Cartridges and Disposable CCELL Slims

CCell Cartridge, Vape, with Battery, Pure Oil, Cannabis Oil
CCell Cartridge, Vape, with Battery, Pure Oil, Cannabis Oil, Disposable
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