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transdermal cream

Available in high CBD, high THC and 1:1 CBD to THC formulations, our transdermal creams harness the increased carrying capacity of Medisca’s VersaPro Transdermal Pain Base cream to promote absorption through the skin and create a more effective topical treatment. Medisca’s VersaPro Transdermal Pain Base, used regularly for pharmaceutical compounding, is also paraben-free and safe for internal use. Uber versatile and ideal for targeted therapies, our transdermal creams are packaged in 50mL airless bottles that deliver a precise 1mL per pump and ensure no wasted product.


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A simple, convenient and cost-effective solution, Theraplant Balms have been a patient favorite since hitting the market in 2015. Designed for direct topical application to small problem areas, our balm comes packaged in a 5mL tube that will fit easily in your pocket.

This product contains coconut.