oral solution

Our Oral Solutions combine super-refined cannabis oil with MCT oil to boost the efficiency of consumption and deliver faster, more powerful results. Perfectly designed for accurate dosing, this formulation comes packaged in a 30mL glass, light-proof bottle with a child-resistant, graduated dropper. One of our most versatile products, Oral Solutions can be taken sublingually, ingested directly, or added to meals/beverages! Regardless of your preferred method of delivery, our Oral Solutions are activated and ready for use.

Please shake well before use and store in a cool, dark place. This product contains coconut.


Need long-lasting relief? Prefer not to vape or smoke? Ask your pharmacist about our decarboxylated cannabis capsules. Our gelatin capsules are filled with cannabis-infused coconut oil, creating a capsule with high bioavailability, meaning the medicine can absorb more easily into your system. Offered in strain specific and extensive proprietary blends, our capsules range from 5mg to 200mg per dose. They are also available in a variety of THC to CBD ratios, so that you can dial in the perfect experience.