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High quality concentrates start with high-quality flower. We engineer optimal concentrates of various potencies and consistencies using a combination of our superior genetics and the latest technology. All Theraplant concentrates are the result of C02 or ethanol extraction followed by a series of proprietary refining processes that deliver a pure, clean, and elegant finished product. All products must meet our high-quality standards in clarity, consistency, color and efficacy in order to make it on the menu.

Ranging from soft and buttery to sap-like and brittle, our highly refined concentrates typically test between 75% - 90% THC. Depending on the consistency, we label them either as a "Hard Concentrate" or "Soft Concentrate".
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oil syringes

Theraplant is proud to offer Connecticut patients a wide variety of CO2 extracted & refined 100% Pure Cannabis Oil Syringes. A base for many of our other extract products, our team has spent endless hours in the lab perfecting the art of achieving the right clarity, flavor & viscosity to support a multitude of different uses, from vaporization to ingestion. Our Pure Oil Syringes are a reliable, multi-functional, jack of all trades; whether you’re refilling a vape cartridge, adding a dose to a cup of tea, vaporizing, applying the oil sublingually or otherwise consuming.

All oil syringes are packaged in glass syringes with graduations to make dosing easy and come with a screw on luer lok tip. Please ask your pharmacist or hardware supplier for instructions on how to properly dispense the oil into your refillable vape cartridge.
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We strongly believe in the power of whole plant cannabis extract. Our 360X is just that: an unrefined, highly-potent pure oil. Made by way of ethanol extraction to retain higher levels of cannabinoids, 360X delivers a full spectrum experience. 360X is packaged in a 1mL syringe printed with dosing measurements.
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